Webinar: Attraction Masterclass — Hiring Valuable People


We recently held this webinar to help you attract better people and more clients. Here’s the hiring replay. 

 You can download your free copy of the Vwork™8 Step Interview Process here.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on the webinar or the 8-Step Interview Process.

Be Valuable,

Oisín Grogan is the $200 Million Business Coach.

Founder of the Vwork Hiring & Productivity System.

He provides Results-Driven Coaching Programs & guidance to help leaders hire better staff, increase productivity & reach their goals faster.


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I know how to expand my growing business without huge staffing issues.


“When implementing a basic principle within Oisin’s hiring consultation, I was able to not only attract better staff, but also, hire better quality staff at a greater value point. It came down to one principle which Oisin teaches, that is so basic, but I know so many employers miss.

I have now been able to understand what to look for more readily in my hiring processes and also how to expand my growing business, without huge staffing issues.

It’s made a massive difference. I’ve had a 100% success rate on all my hires since.”

Kind regards,

George Hawwa


Be Valuable,

Oisín Grogan is the $200 Million Business Coach.

Founder of the Vwork Hiring & Productivity System.

He provides Results-Driven Coaching Programs & guidance to help leaders hire better staff, increase productivity & reach their goals faster.

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Failed Hiring? Need to find someone quick?


You thought this was going to work out great, but now, after a few weeks, months or years, you realised you’ve hired the wrong person.

They might have lied in the interview, made promises they didn’t keep, or committed to a start date and then took another job offer.

Now you have to start all over again.

One of my clients previously spent $24,000, hired the wrong person, fired them and had to start over. He was very disappointed, but he was one of the lucky ones.

Others I know have had new recruits cause so much damage it costs several hundred thousand in lost business and legal fees.

There is a better way. You can decide to control your entire hiring process and learn how to attract valuable people or, if you’re a little pressed for time, we can do it with you.

The Vwork Hiring System provides a step-by-step process, from designing the role specifications, to advertising, the interview process, all the way through to making the...

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Need to Hire Someone Now?


Need a great salesperson?

Need an effective manager?

Need someone to do the hiring for you?

Let me help you find someone truly valuable.

I call them Vwork People. Vwork means Valuable work.

We use the Vwork™ Hiring Laws to ensure you attract Vwork People, and avoid those who create eXtra Work (Xwork People), and those who are destructive (Dwork People).

Related: The 3 Types of People You Can Hire

Getting the right people helps you achieve your business goals faster. Avoiding the wrong types of people ensures you don’t suffer any unnecessary problems or setbacks.

The Vwork Hiring System is an entire process: Starting from clearly identifying the role, planning the advertising campaign, conducting interviews (with a specific list of questions), to choosing the right candidate and successfully onboarding them through a probation period.

The end goal of any hiring is clearly stated with this Vwork Hiring Law:

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Want to Attract and Hire Great People? Here’s a System that can save You a Fortune.


Growing your business? Know you need to get your hiring right?

The Vwork Hiring System is now available and contains everything you need to:

  1. Design the right hiring process.
  2. Attract the right people through ads.
  3. Ask the right questions in interviews to cut through the noise (and lies).
  4. Use the Vwork (Valuable Work) criteria to choose productive, willing people who will truly help you build your business and not tear it to pieces, or act like a dead weight.

With the Vwork Hiring System you can Do It Yourself (DIY) and save thousands on your next recruit. Or, we can Do it With You (DWY) and train one of your team, so that all future recruitment will cost you nothing.

In both cases, you’ll be hiring Vwork People who add value to your team and you’ll save a heap of money.

Introducing V-work Hiring System - Premium (Done With You)

You get everything in the Vwork Hiring System but with a coach who helps you every single step of the way.

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Toxic People: The True Cost of a Destructive Person


Toxic people come in many forms: Manipulators, con-artists, haters, bad news merchants, thieves, critics, criminals, victims, and of course assholes!

No matter what you call them, or what they look like—they destroy and tear down the valuable people in business and businesses. That’s why I call them Dwork™ People. They are Destructive. They un-build people and businesses. It’s even worse when they are managers…

They are the opposite of Vwork People. Value is what you want in any relationship, business or personal.

Value is the degree to which someone or something is important or useful.

Then there’s those who aren’t downright destructive yet create an endless parade of extra or wasteful work. It may not be destructive but it isn’t valuable! These I call Xwork People—they create extra work.

Your ultimate success depends on surrounding yourself with Vwork People.

That is why hiring is so important in every organisation...

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H.I.R.E? — The 8 Qualities of Valuable People


People … staff … contractors … managers … clients … women … men …

Love them or hate them, you have to deal with them unless you are going to go and live under a rock. You wouldn’t make much of an impact on the world and I’ll bet you’d get lonely sooner or later.

Does the perfect person exist? No, but everyone can work on it.

Imagine a person who:

  1. Is willing to help, benefit and serve others.
  2. Takes control of situations and make it come out right.
  3. Who really cares, and takes responsibility for mistakes.
  4. Communicates what you need to know, so you can make correct decisions.
  5. Is interested in you, your organisation and their job.
  6. Keeps their promises and follows through on deadlines.
  7. Is a fit for their role and the culture of your organisation.
  8. Delivers valuable results and makes statistics grow.

Sounds like a dream, but almost everyone is capable of these qualities.


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Your Best Staff & Recruits Have This Quality


Learn how to build a team of willing people.

The Vwork™ People Laws help you increase team performance.

The Vwork™ Hiring Laws eliminate hiring mistakes and know what you are getting before you hire.

Click this link for more info:

If you have a question, book a chat.

Be Valuable,

Oisín Grogan is the $200 Million Business Coach.

He provides Results-Driven Coaching Programs & guidance to help leaders hire better staff, increase productivity & reach their goals faster

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The 3 Things You Need In Every New Recruit


Who wants to play Russian Roulette?

Not many, but it happens daily with recruitment and hiring.


Making decisions based on résumés, dress, looks, and how a person conducts themselves in an interview is a bit like playing Russian Roulette. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t…and when you lose it’s bad!

Hiring decisions are often made on a whim. Candidates often lie or make promises to get the job.

It’s surprising that such an important aspect of business is so often left to chance. But when you consider the enormous amount of false information there is about hiring, it’s no surprise that the average business owner believes that hiring is more “luck” than science.

There is an exact process to hire top producers. People who want to work and who produce valuable work (Vwork).

Forget about reading résumés.

Forget about...

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The 3 Types of People You can Hire (hint, you only want one of them)


There are only 3 types of people you can hire. When you understand these types and how to spot them, hiring the right person is easy.

The 3 types of people are:

  1. Vwork™ People
  2. Xwork™ People
  3. Dwork™ People

Let’s define each.

Vwork People

Vwork is Valuable work. Completed work which adds value to your organisation (or life).

A Vwork Person creates valuable work. These are the people you want.

Xwork People

Xwork is eXtra and useless work. Xwork is any time-wasting activity that produces no result and adds no value to your organisation (or life).

An Xwork Person creates extra work.

Dwork People

Dwork is Destructive work. It is the complete opposite of Vwork. It has negative value. It ruins, harms and tears down what you’ve built.

Dwork People intentionally create Dwork results. They want the business and those around them to fail. A Dwork person undoes, un-builds, tears down Vwork results.



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