I know how to expand my growing business without huge staffing issues.


“When implementing a basic principle within Oisin’s hiring consultation, I was able to not only attract better staff, but also, hire better quality staff at a greater value point. It came down to one principle which Oisin teaches, that is so basic, but I know so many employers miss.

I have now been able to understand what to look for more readily in my hiring processes and also how to expand my growing business, without huge staffing issues.

It’s made a massive difference. I’ve had a 100% success rate on all my hires since.”

Kind regards,

George Hawwa


Be Valuable,

Oisín Grogan is the $200 Million Business Coach.

Founder of the Vwork Hiring & Productivity System.

He provides Results-Driven Coaching Programs & guidance to help leaders hire better staff, increase productivity & reach their goals faster.


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