How to Create the Christmas Sales Spike Every Month


Imagine having the Christmas sales spike every month?

What if you could capture that high productivity every month of the year?

It’s a nice thought and yes you can do it in your business or career.

In Australia, we have two major production spikes—end of financial year (30th June) and Christmas. More gets sold, and more gets done prior to these dates than at other times of the year. They are our two greatest deadlines!

The power of a deadline is not fully appreciated. I’m sure you can remember putting off some task, such as cleaning a house for weeks, only to do it just before the relatives arrive! It’s remarkable how much you can finish off—because you have to—before you go on holiday!

People get more done when working towards a deadline.

The Christmas Rush

It’s amazing how much work is done by one and all, as Christmas approaches.

The whole world has an agreed upon target by which we have to get everything done.

Most businesses have...

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Valuable Meetings: The Code Of A Meeting


All great movements start with a meeting … well actually they start with an idea, but the idea is communicated by meetings.

The meetings mount as the movement grows, then the movement becomes meetings…

I’d like to start a new movement—a movement for Valuable Meetings.

All Great Movements...

All great movements have a code, an ethic, a series of agreements by which the group members abide. This helps them get along and get more done. When followed, a mutual code creates harmony.

As structured and killjoy as that sounds, you will find it to be true. What's the difference between a bunch of individuals and a true group?

A True Group

A true group has a series of common agreements amongst the members. They get way more done than any individual could ever accomplish alone.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are. A coordinated and organised group of average people will always win against a brilliant individual.

Rebels Unite!

I'm an entrepreneur,...

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H.I.R.E? β€” The 8 Qualities of Valuable People


People … staff … contractors … managers … clients … women … men …

Love them or hate them, you have to deal with them unless you are going to go and live under a rock. You wouldn’t make much of an impact on the world and I’ll bet you’d get lonely sooner or later.

Does the perfect person exist? No, but everyone can work on it.

Imagine a person who:

  1. Is willing to help, benefit and serve others.
  2. Takes control of situations and make it come out right.
  3. Who really cares, and takes responsibility for mistakes.
  4. Communicates what you need to know, so you can make correct decisions.
  5. Is interested in you, your organisation and their job.
  6. Keeps their promises and follows through on deadlines.
  7. Is a fit for their role and the culture of your organisation.
  8. Delivers valuable results and makes statistics grow.

Sounds like a dream, but almost everyone is capable of these qualities.


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Sick of Wasting Time in Meetings? Try this


A friend of mine says people hate meetings because:

  1. They don’t start on time.
  2. They don’t finish on time.
  3. What’s in the middle is a waste of time!

It’s true a lot of meetings are a waste of time. Unproductive meetings can cost your business big time. 5 people times 1 hour = 5 hours. Multiply that by everyone’s hourly value. You better be increasing production or don’t hold the meeting.

Not only is it the wasted hours, it’s the lost production time. So unnecessary meetings are a double loss when they are not effective.

Here’s a few tips on how to have shorter and more effective meetings:

  • Define the purpose of the meeting.
  • Define the outcome of the meeting.
  • Have a timed agenda and someone in charge.
  • Facts—not opinions!
  • Keep people on-point. (Only talk about matters relating to their job)

Let’s take each point:

1. Define the purpose of the meeting.

Why are we holding this meeting? If you can’t answer...

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