How to get more “buy-in” from others (whether you sell or not)



When you are trying to get your colleagues to help you on a project there is an element of sales or “closing”. If you have children, you know it takes sales skill to get them to bed on time and closing mastery to get them to clean up!

If you are having trouble selling your products or services for what they are worth…or find yourself discounting…or just find it hard to get people to “buy” your ideas…read on.

This question: “Are you closed?” comes up regularly when I help my clients and is covered on one of the 7 steps of my Sales Accelerator Coaching Program.

Here’s a few tips which can drastically increase your sales, or “buy-in” from others (and hopefully get your kids to bed on time):


To “close” another on any idea you must have: 
Conviction, belief & clarity in what you are communicating.


On the other side, the key point of failure:

Doubts and...

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How to Create the Christmas Sales Spike Every Month


Imagine having the Christmas sales spike every month?

What if you could capture that high productivity every month of the year?

It’s a nice thought and yes you can do it in your business or career.

In Australia, we have two major production spikes—end of financial year (30th June) and Christmas. More gets sold, and more gets done prior to these dates than at other times of the year. They are our two greatest deadlines!

The power of a deadline is not fully appreciated. I’m sure you can remember putting off some task, such as cleaning a house for weeks, only to do it just before the relatives arrive! It’s remarkable how much you can finish off—because you have to—before you go on holiday!

People get more done when working towards a deadline.

The Christmas Rush

It’s amazing how much work is done by one and all, as Christmas approaches.

The whole world has an agreed upon target by which we have to get everything done.

Most businesses have...

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