The 3 Types of People You can Hire (hint, you only want one of them)


There are only 3 types of people you can hire. When you understand these types and how to spot them, hiring the right person is easy.

The 3 types of people are:

  1. Vwork™ People
  2. Xwork™ People
  3. Dwork™ People

Let’s define each.

Vwork People

Vwork is Valuable work. Completed work which adds value to your organisation (or life).

A Vwork Person creates valuable work. These are the people you want.

Xwork People

Xwork is eXtra and useless work. Xwork is any time-wasting activity that produces no result and adds no value to your organisation (or life).

An Xwork Person creates extra work.

Dwork People

Dwork is Destructive work. It is the complete opposite of Vwork. It has negative value. It ruins, harms and tears down what you’ve built.

Dwork People intentionally create Dwork results. They want the business and those around them to fail. A Dwork person undoes, un-builds, tears down Vwork results.


If you are a Vwork Person (you most probably are if you are reading this), Xwork people create anything from mild annoyance to complete rage because they are constantly making your job harder.

But Dwork people are something else entirely. Often you can’t see the Dwork results until it’s too late. The damage has been done. For a Vwork person like yourself, the actions of a Dwork Person are very hard to understand — their destructive methods make no sense at all. Who in their right mind deliberately destroys value?

If you have ever been ripped off, sued or lost valuable clients, you know just how crazy a Dwork person can be, and the amount of destruction they can create.

But it is possible to identify all three of these personalities before you hire them.

The V-Work™ Hiring System

The Vwork Hiring System shows you how to identify and avoid Dwork and Xwork People, while attracting Vwork People to your organization.

It’s worth knowing. It has everything to do with your success — whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, leader or manager.

It can save you time and money, as well as avoid tremendous heartache.

Until next time, may you and your business be surrounded by Vwork People.

Be Valuable,

Oisín Grogan is the $200 Million Business Coach.

Founder of the Vwork System—Hiring & Team Productivity.

He provides Results-Driven Coaching Programs & guidance to help leaders hire better staff, increase productivity & reach their goals faster.


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