Value will be...supported, wasted and destroyed.


Vwork results, Vwork People, Vwork projects and any worthwhile activity always has resistance (V=Valuable). Take a cursory look through history.

All valuable movements have their opponents, the “toxic personality” or “haters” as they are now called. There’s always people or groups who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

The resistance can be from people who don’t understand and general stupidity. But even when you do present your plan or idea in simple way, you can still run into opposition. Why is that ?

Resistance most commonly comes from Xwork People (eXtra, wasteful work) and in certain circumstances from D-work People (D=Destructive). No amount of talking or explaining seems to work with these two types of people.

Xwork People may not want to change, they feel threatened that their lack of Vwork results will be exposed, or they may have to lift their game. They’d rather make excuses and stay in their...

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The Definition of Work


Not all work is created equal, that’s obvious. Some people think work is looking “busy”, or turning up and sitting in a chair. Some people’s “work” has to be fixed, re-done, and some people’s work is highly valuable.

The word “work” has gotten confused. So let’s clarify what we mean by the word “work.”

An activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result.

But we don’t want any result. We want valuable results. So I’ve coined the term Vwork which means Valuable work.

The flip side is Xwork work is eXtra Work that is not valuable. Xwork is any time-wasting activity that produces no result and adds no value to your organization (or life).

Dwork is Destructive work. It is the complete opposite of Vwork. It has negative value. It ruins, harms and tears down what you’ve built.

With these new words, we now know exactly the kind of results we want in our...

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The Weinstein (& Lauer) Effect: Dwork Predators


What do Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and others predators have in common?


Dwork is defined as Destructive Work.

Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a destructive purpose or result.

Dwork People ruin people’s lives, rob value from organisations and take the fun out of your life or career.

Sexual abuse is high on the Dwork scale. Murder is at the top with genocide even higher (e.g. Hitler).

Murder is an obvious example, but what about “slow murder”, or “death by a thousand paper cuts”. This goes on daily in every country, every society and many, many organisations.

It’s not easy to face that people deliberately create Dwork results. That’s why they get away with it so much. It’s harder when they are in a position of power, a media personality, rich business person, your boss or manager.

The Weinstein Effect and #metoo

Why do people tolerate this behaviour?

There’s a new...

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Toxic People: The True Cost of a Destructive Person


Toxic people come in many forms: Manipulators, con-artists, haters, bad news merchants, thieves, critics, criminals, victims, and of course assholes!

No matter what you call them, or what they look like—they destroy and tear down the valuable people in business and businesses. That’s why I call them Dwork™ People. They are Destructive. They un-build people and businesses. It’s even worse when they are managers…

They are the opposite of Vwork People. Value is what you want in any relationship, business or personal.

Value is the degree to which someone or something is important or useful.

Then there’s those who aren’t downright destructive yet create an endless parade of extra or wasteful work. It may not be destructive but it isn’t valuable! These I call Xwork People—they create extra work.

Your ultimate success depends on surrounding yourself with Vwork People.

That is why hiring is so important in every organisation...

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The 3 Types of People You can Hire (hint, you only want one of them)


There are only 3 types of people you can hire. When you understand these types and how to spot them, hiring the right person is easy.

The 3 types of people are:

  1. Vwork™ People
  2. Xwork™ People
  3. Dwork™ People

Let’s define each.

Vwork People

Vwork is Valuable work. Completed work which adds value to your organisation (or life).

A Vwork Person creates valuable work. These are the people you want.

Xwork People

Xwork is eXtra and useless work. Xwork is any time-wasting activity that produces no result and adds no value to your organisation (or life).

An Xwork Person creates extra work.

Dwork People

Dwork is Destructive work. It is the complete opposite of Vwork. It has negative value. It ruins, harms and tears down what you’ve built.

Dwork People intentionally create Dwork results. They want the business and those around them to fail. A Dwork person undoes, un-builds, tears down Vwork results.



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Another Costly Hiring Mistake? Try this


Imagine paying $20,000+ to an accountant to do your tax work, but after 6 months, nothing was achieved, so you hire another accountant for $20K.

You’d demand your money back from the first and you’d be more thorough with the next accountant you hire.

But when it comes to hiring staff, bad hiring is considered simply “bad luck.”

Here’s a recent example from a contact of mine:

Paid $20,000+ to a recruiter, got the wrong person, wasted 6 months of wages and no results to find out, then started all over again.

They felt ripped off, but that’s “just the way hiring works.”

I’m here to tell you that is not the way hiring works.

The problem lies in a lack of know-how how to find “good people.”

And here’s the good news:

There is a way to find and hire good people.

I call them Vwork™ People—Vwork stands for Valuable Work, and Vwork People are people who produce valuable work.


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