The Weinstein (& Lauer) Effect: Dwork Predators


What do Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and others predators have in common?


Dwork is defined as Destructive Work.

Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a destructive purpose or result.

Dwork People ruin people’s lives, rob value from organisations and take the fun out of your life or career.

Sexual abuse is high on the Dwork scale. Murder is at the top with genocide even higher (e.g. Hitler).

Murder is an obvious example, but what about “slow murder”, or “death by a thousand paper cuts”. This goes on daily in every country, every society and many, many organisations.

It’s not easy to face that people deliberately create Dwork results. That’s why they get away with it so much. It’s harder when they are in a position of power, a media personality, rich business person, your boss or manager.

The Weinstein Effect and #metoo

Why do people tolerate this behaviour?

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