The Value Movement


They say there’s no “I” in team … but there certainly should be a lot of value.

Any team, group or network of people can only exist in the presence of value. You say, but in my workplace only some people add a lot of value … yes, that’s my point exactly. Valuable People hold it together, and those who are not adding value are holding the business back.

Nothing works if the value ain’t right! I repeat, nothing! I’m not even talking about business. Let’s take a relationship or marriage: Why would you be with anyone unless they provided value to you? Same goes for them. Value is why someone will stay with you.

What about a sports team? Teammates all chipping in? I could go on—but you get the idea.

It’s become popular to ignore value, yet life doesn’t work without it. A century of advertising has certainly helped get everyone interested in feeling good and fueled the...

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