Why 60% of Business Activity is Waste: Two Types of Work


More than 60% of all business activity is waste!

In some organizations it’s more. Occasionally, it’s less.

If everyone is “working” but 60% is waste, not all work is the same. It’s true, some work is valuable, a lot of “work” is useless.

Busy does not equal productive.

There are two types of work:

1. Xwork

2. Vwork

One makes you feel good, the other wastes your life (and your profits).

Let’s define each:

Xwork: e Xtra and useless work.

Xwork is any time-wasting activity that produces no result & adds no value to your organization (or life).

These are tasks or activities that keep people busy but don’t create value for your fellow staff, the organization and ultimately the end users—your customers and clients.

Vwork: Valuable work.

Vwork is finished pieces of work which have a value to the internal staff, the organization and most importantly—value to the end user of your product or service.


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