Sick of wasting time on emails? Try this.


If people hate meetings because:

1. They don’t start on time
2. They don’t finish on time
3. And what’s in the middle is a waste of time…

You could say people hate emails because:

1. They are sent all the time
2. Reading them consumes a lot of time.
3. The content is often a waste of time!

Are you being productive when answering emails?

Sometimes yes… but often not. After meetings, you’ll find emails the biggest time killer. Ever sat down at your desk, opened your inbox and started bashing away at the keys for several hours only to emerge feeling unproductive, with a pile full of unfinished work still on your mind?

Add up the cost of lost production, it’s staggering. Especially if staff are emailing each other all day without value.

Example: 15 staff who spend one hour per day reading and answering time-wasting emails is a total of 15 hours lost production per day. In a given week that’s 75 hours. Almost 2 full-time...

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