“Working with Oisin has been the best investment ever and I do not say that lightly.”


I’ve worked with countless coaches who with all respect just did not understand my business and my situation and lack the professionalism and results. They were sadly “winging it,” not listening to the real underlying problem and more importantly not giving me the financial results I am looking for.

Oisin’s coaching is a systematic approach. A laid out checksheet, where all I have to do is step by step. I had moments of distracted and thinking that the next step is irrelevant, but honestly something magical happens. Great results start coming in and the statistics go higher and higher than ever before!

I would highly recommend Oisin if are looking to get clarity, measurable statistics, the right know-how, a proven systemic approach and a premium genius mentor.

Be warned! you will get results!

Scott Lee

The Unspoken Pitch

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Be Valuable,

Oisín Grogan is the $200 Million Business Coach.

Founder of the Vwork Hiring & Productivity System.

He provides Results-Driven Coaching Programs & guidance to help leaders hire better staff, increase productivity & reach their goals faster.


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