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Vwork Essentials

Increase your success & prosperity.

Boost the performance of your team.

Essential knowledge to survive!

You will learn:

  • How to identify the 3 types of work.
  • How to identify the 3 types of people.
  • Know who you can trust.
  • How to boost any person's productivity.
  • How to uplift the value of your team.
  • How to identify destructive people (they can be very clever at hiding)

The quality of your life is directly related to the type of people surrounding you. 

Enhance your career & survive with correct knowledge about people.



What People Are Saying:

“I like how work is quantified and categorised in this course”

Mike Hatami

“Thanks Oisin, it was a great course and it helped to switch my mind back on to focusing and understanding the type of tasks and people—when I perform change management tasks. Called into focus some people's behaviours and explained them. From now on I'll look at behaviours and work/tasks differently—know what's worth fighting and why. It gives us a way to describe someone without making it about personality - its about their actions and work and define it in a non-emotional way. ”

Mardi H

“I realized one of my staff needs to retire, and discovered another who needs to do more valuable work.”

David C

“This will help me to eliminate the D work, improve or get rid of the X work and focus on the V work! Most interesting was when I realised I was struggling to identify what V work I was doing! ( I AM doing some, I just struggled with identifying what was V and what was X...) Top 3 Things Learned: The importance of hiring the right people, of training them properly, and of being aware of what Value work you are actually doing (or not doing)! Also how to identify D work and D workers...”

Celia N

“This is a good course and definitely lays out simply the difference and effects of Dwork, Xwork and Vwork people on organisations. Top 3 things covered? 1. Types of people and their differing affects on the organisation. 2. How to recognise them 3. What to do about them ”

Diana Gilbert

“First of all I like to thank you to have his great course, it's giving me more knowledge how to identify Vwork, Xwork, and Dwork. Again, thank you very much. ”


“Different lens to use to evaluate team composition and members.”

James Johnson

“Well-structured explanation of Vwork, Xwork and Dwork people within every organization. Now they are easier to identify. ”

Majid J